How do I pay my water bill?

Please find attached your Hurst Creek Municipal Utility District bill. 

If you have not already chosen a payment method, you have many payment options for paying your Hurst Creek Utility Bill:

  • Mail
  • By Phone (512) 261-6281
  • Online (one time payments)
  • Automatic Bank Draft  - We will need the signed EFT form that can be found on the back of the remittance form of your bill and a voided check to process this request
  • Credit Card Auto-Pay - Auto-Pay Set-Up and Management Instructions
  • Payment Location: 102 Trophy Dr. The Hills TX, 78738
  • Drop Box: 102 Trophy Dr. The Hills TX, 78738 (at the end of the stone entrance sign)

Errors or questions about your bill? You can call us at (512) 261-6281

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