What is Winter averaging?

Winter averaging is a way for you to save money. Sewer charges for residential customers are based on Winter averaging. The water consumption used during the winter months of December and January each year determines your bi-monthly sewer charge for the next twelve months. The new winter average goes into effect on the February billing each year.

Why is Winter averaging done on December and January? Usually outdoor watering is minimal during the winter months; therefore it is easier to estimate the actual amount of water that goes directly into the sanitary sewer system versus being used for outdoor watering.

To calculate your wastewater average you must have at least 60 consecutive days of water use (December and January).

Base Fee                                  $ 18.00 (for 2 months)

                                                 $ 1.75 per 1,000 gallons

                                                not to exceed $37.50 (maximum)

In the event that the customer had no recorded water usage for the previous December and January billing period, or any portion thereof, then the bi-monthly charge for sewer service shall be based on the actual water usage and the base fee, not to exceed $37.50 for both per two month billing period; provided, however, that the District may monitor the actual sewer flow from any customer and use the amount derived from such study to determine the monthly charge until the water usage data is available for the December and January period.

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